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Friends Only

I have decided to make my journal a "Friend's Only" journal. I know I am probably one of the few people whose journal hadn't turned their journal into a friend's only journal, but lately I have been friended by people who aren't real and it's just so annonying. So I hope to avoid any more of it by changing my jounral to friend's only. If you want to be my friend and you are a real person, please feel free to contact me via email at ramna9900@yahoo.com.

Photos: Oh the sights I have seen!

Last month my sisters and I had the pleasure to visit the Ohio Chinese Lantern Festival! Though it was a cold night, I had a wonderful time. I have already shared most of these photos in instagram (@bramblerose4)and facebook, and now almost a month later I am sharing them here.


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Fic: Before Me 6 (Harry Potter, RWxHP)

Title: Before Me
Fandom: Harry Potter
Words: 2,067
Warnings: Morning wood
Rating: PG-13 for descriptions of self-love.
Summary: Ron and Harry visit Digon Alley.
Author's Note: Thank you to everyone who still cares about this story! Especially my_thestral I wouldn't have worked on it as soon as I have without your support.
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My wonderful commission done by the marvelous @lotolle~!

I am such a sucker for couples wearing each other's clothes! X3

Please go commission them. It’s totally worth every penny!

I heard that my dear friend my_thestral was having a bad day and received a super cute HarryxRon Rainy day fic by starstruck1986 as a pick me up. And after reading it myself I also became inspired to write a little Harry and Ron story. Though it isn't romantic fluff, but office humor. I just knew I couldn't compete with Star's story so why even try? Anyway, here's a thing I wrote in an hour.

Blame the Weather

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Title: Holding Hands
Fandom: Generator Rex
Words: 372
Warnings: Sadness
Rating: PG
Summary: Rex remembered every time they have ever held hands.
Author's Notes: Sorry for the short sad story. Next one will be happier. Promise.

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A Chance Meeting (Generator Rex, PG-13)

Title: A Chance Meeting
Fandom: Generator Rex
Pairing: Noex (NoahxRex)
Rating: PG-13, swearing
Warnings/Promises: None.
Words: 1,055
Summary: Noah doesn't think he will be able to befriend Rex.

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Happy Mother's Day

To all the wonderful mothers, I wish you a happy and fun day. Let your children spoil you day as you do them all year!

Three days later!


Fic: 25 words Harry/Ron Drabble

For my_threstral for getting me thinking about Harry/Ron again. Enjoy!
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Title: Never Can Say Goodbye, Part 2
Fandom: Generator Rex
Rating: PG-13, swearing
Warnings/Promises: None.
Words: 1,700
Summary: Noah reunites with Rex.
Author's Note: Part one here

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